Sophia A. Nelson:  E Pluribus ONE  

Reclaiming Our Founders Vision for a United America

OUR FOUNDERS understood that America was the greatest experiment on earth. And they sealed it with these words: E pluribus Unum: "Out of Many We Are One."

Our Founders believed that we would stand as a great nation only if we stood united. In their brilliant vision of who we could one day become as Americans, they honored the right to protest, to bear arms, to choose our own elected representatives, to freely assemble, to own property, to engage in free enterprise, to pursue happiness, and to follow our own religious beliefs. Most important, they understood that from our great diversity of citizens would come our greatest strengths.

Coming on the heels of the raucous and divisive 2016 presidential primary and general election campaign, as well as a period of extreme national unrest and protests, this book was written to give the nation a lift by helping us rediscover our lost political Compass, Civility, and Codes. In sharing the stories and contributions of many Americans from different times throughout our nation's history, from Paul Revere to Sojourner Truth to Bob Woodward, E PLURIBUS ONE reminds us that "we the people" have been charged by our Founders to safeguard our nation from intrusive governance, and to lead with morals, virtue, and accountability to the people.

E PLURIBUS ONE is a book that all Americans, regardless of political party, race, religion, or gender, can embrace and share with their children and grandchildren for generations. It is a reminder of what makes America great and what makes us the envy of the world.

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